Called to Worship - Work & Worship Station

Ken Costa
Ken Costa has worked in Finance for over 40 years and was formerly Chairman of Lazard International. He is the founder of God at Work, was formerly Chairman of Alpha International and in leadership at HTB church. He loves his sport and music, and is a husband and a father.

Worship lifts our eyes to adore the Creator. In worship we seek the presence of God. In his presence there is perfect peace. As such, worship is not just a momentary impulse or a feel-good expression of gratitude for a happy day. It is more. It is the architecture of life: the constant reminder that we are enjoying the favor of God. When fears threaten to overwhelm us, worship reminds us of this favor. Our callings make no sense outside of worship, because worship acknowledges that calling as coming from, inspired by, and sustained by God himself. We buy in to a plan bigger than our own. His purposes are “for welfare and not for evil”; his plans give us “a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11 esv). Therefore, the search for our callings needs to take place within the search for intimacy with God. It is only from a relational perspective that we will be able to discern his plans for our lives.



My workstation is my worship station


I’ve said regularly that my workstation is my worship station. Our careers should praise and glorify God. It means working well at our callings, having moments of quiet prayer and reflection throughout the day. Some might put on headphones and listen to a worship album while they work. But worship is also expressed through outward acts of love. Perhaps worshipping at work means giving glory to God through acts of service, even if it’s just washing up everyone else’s mugs in the office kitchen in addition to doing our jobs to the best of our God-given abilities. It means performing our day-to-day work with honesty and integrity, not to gain the praise of our superiors, but to honor God in everything we do. Such offerings are a powerful way of worshipping, and they help shape our hearts to be more like that of Christ. In worship we acknowledge that he is sovereign over every part of our lives; we take time to worship to affirm our complete dependence on him. Through worship we lay down even our callings to ensure that we remain submissive to his will.