Know Your Why - Bible Study for Small Groups

These five studies are designed for small groups. They are an opportunity for you to stop and to take hold of God’s calling on your life. Take time to read the extracts, read God’s word, pray together and listen to what the Spirit is saying to you.  Click on 'Conversation Starter' to download the PDF.

Why have I written these?  I have worked in investment banking for 40 years. Almost every day I have read the Financial Times and the Bible. These readings have often prompted searching questions about my own sense of direction and purpose. And I have not been alone.  Over many years I’ve had the privilege of mentoring Christians at all stages in the faith.  Without exception the most frequently asked questions I hear are about purpose.  “How do I find and fulfil my calling in life?”  During the last decade the intensity with which this question has been asked has only increased. Trying to navigate a practical response to this question is what prompted me to write Know Your Why.

The work place is changing so quickly and is becoming so stressful that questions of purpose asked by a previous generation periodically have become the daily staple diet of a generation seeking spiritual and personal guidance. But God isn’t Google. He is not a search engine. Knowing your why is not something tackled once and settled forever, it’s a continuing journey a process, a practical way of life, supremely found in the teachings of the Bible.

To know your why is to know the flow of the spirit in your life. It is the source of sustained motivation.