Small Group Study - Know Your Why

Ken Costa
Ken Costa has worked in Finance for over 40 years and was formerly Chairman of Lazard International. He is the founder of God at Work, was formerly Chairman of Alpha International and in leadership at HTB church. He loves his sport and music, and is a husband and a father.

My passion is to equip you to live each day with purpose, particularly at work.  I’ve been creating a series of materials to support you in this.  You can find out more at the end of this pack, the focus of these materials are to give you some bible study materials.

These ten studies are designed for small groups.  They are an opportunity for you to stop and to take hold of God’s calling on your life.  Take time to read the extracts, read God’s word, pray together and listen to what the Spirit is saying to you.

My prayer is that through this you will Know Your Why.